Stand up - for a better view!

Group Rates - Team Building - SUP Company or Birthday Parties

Stand Up Paddling can be a great team building recreation, especially when it is done right. We have enough quality equipment and instructors to do your entire team! Everyone learns a new skill, has fun together and we help provide you with a photo for your wall or yearbook!

Have A "Stand Up" Party! HIgh School & College Teams - Company Team Building - Birthday Parties

Group Rate

$12.50 per hour (two hour minimal or $25 for two hours)

Requires 20 or more participants; 19 or fewer in the party does not qualify for our group rate.

Group may divide with kayakers as a group… in other worlds, if some within the group would like to kayak and others Stand Up Paddling, they will qualify for the group rate and may launch simultaneous if they choose to do so! Kayak “Group Rate” is only $6 per hour with a two-hour minimal, or $12 for two hours.

This rate includes all standards and procedures of the individual rates as explained on the “Rentals” page.

The group rate requires that everyone knows how to swim (for any of our activities), show up at the same time and have a group leader deliver single payment for the group.

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All participants must know how to swim and be in good physical condition. California Aquatics does not discriminate on the basis of disability.