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Includes instruction if needed AND a full hour on the water!

$16 Per Hour

Speed Pass Members

$10 Per Hour

Early Bird Special

Clip #1 - Pricing & Procedure

Experienced paddlers just review the rules, demonstrate that they know how to paddle and they are off!

Beginners & somewhat experienced paddlers get instruction for safety and help with the basics within the $25 rental fee!

After we certify that you can safely paddle, you can enroll as a permanent Speed Pass Member!

Clip #2 - Skills & Safety Review

How Do I Become A "Speed Pass Member"?   Start Here   →   Speed Pass Membership

Members may pay after they are done

Additional time is pro-rated according to the rate and minutes used

Daily Early Bird Special - Launch Before 9:15am - Speed Pass Members only

Beginner or Novice Paddlers can take advantage of lessons included within the $25 rental rate. The instructors will give pointers on simulators before we get on the water. There is no additional charge for the training, and a guide will stay within range until both you and the instructor are in agreement that you are safe and confident to paddle on your own. Beginning paddlers can and should request the instructor to remain with them if they feel the need.

Most beginners become a Speed Pass Member after a single session. We reserve the right to require additional training. The paddler may also request as many lessons with a guide at the $25 rate as they like before applying for membership.

All participants must know how to swim and be in good physical condition. California Aquatics does not discriminate on the basis of disability.