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Open every day 9:00am to 5:00pm
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October through March

Open every day 9:00am to 4:00pm

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More Rentals Information...

What is the Early Bird Special for Members? If you launch by before 9:15am, the rate is only $10 per hour, pro-rated, and you can go as long as you like! And you can pay after you are done! This way you can decide while you are paddling how long you want to commit for. This rate is absolutely not afforded to those who launch after 9:15am and there is absolutely no flexibility for those arriving to rent at 9:16 or later. All rentals must be returned by posted closing times.

What if a Non-Member wants to go for more than one hour? Additional hours for non-members are reduced to $20 per hour and can be applied as a two-hour session direct or the paddler can return the same day for the non-member additional hour reduced rate. Each visit should be paid in advance and is prorated.

More Membership Qualification Information…

Why Is There A Membership Program? Stand Up Paddling is an exciting and fast growing new sport. At the same time, an untrained or improperly trained paddler can get into a situation that may compromise safety of the paddler and others. In addition, the Coast Guard has determined that SUP boards are a "vessel" and therefore more stringent "Rules of The Road" must apply. So the membership program is designed to promote consistent safety standards. The rewards we provide for our Speed Pass Members are the discounted organized rentals and trips. It is easier and more fun for everyone when the paddlers know what to do, and our curriculum is the best way to achieve these goals.


If a beginner paddler signs up for a rental but cannot effectively stand up and paddle within 15 to 20 minutes of instruction, we may opt to place the paddler with a separate instructor or guide for special instruction for the remainder of the hour, and/or recommend a private class or other method of training. No refund.

Qualified members may participate with any guided rental tour at the membership price if they want to go with a friend or family member who is not yet a member. There is no charge to members who want to go along with a friend or family member if they have their own equipment.

We reserve the right to change anything announced within this website in accordance with changes in laws, change in policy as advised and agreed to between California Aquatics and Regulators, change in contracts and any change in policy as decided by the Director for any reason. In addition, we cannot assume responsibility for conditions in weather, acts of nature, manufacturers policy and delivery dates beyond our control or any condition or situation for which there is no way to anticipate. Visit the website periodically for notification of any change of policies.

California Aquatics

California Aquatics has been involved in recreational aquatic sports, nutrition and fitness since 1976 with a perfect safety record. Program history includes scuba training, kayaking, snorkeling and nutrition seminars as a part of the physical education curriculum in over 100 High Schools, City Recreation Departments, and Summer Camps operated in Catalina Island, Hawaii and San Diego. Our expertise is in designing quality programing with the priorities in the order of safety, fun and affordability. Our programs are unsurpassed in quality as we continue to set the highest standards for the industries of the sports we engage in.

We designed the SUP program at the request of the Regulators of the bay for safety and traffic control. For issues of safety and traffic, we consult with the following: The Department of Parks Recreation & Marine for the City of Long Beach, Lifeguards, Marine Advisory and Homeowners Associations within the bay. We are always available for public and regulatory agency recommendations regarding operations and strongly consider all advice.

ACA - American Canoe Association

Our lead instructors are the first on the West Coast to be certified by the ACA (American Canoe Association) in Stand Up Paddling instruction. The ACA is a 501c3 nationally recognized certification agency and the first to offer comprehensive training for this new sport. There are agencies in the making that do not have the 30-year paddling history and experience of the ACA, and only the ACA has the experience, recognition and instructional manuals at the time of this writing. We strongly feel that the ACA has officially set the standard for others to either join or to emulate.