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Speed Pass Member - Privileges


  • Quality boards with NO WAIT – including weekends & Holidays!
  • $10 per hour Early Bird – Launch by 9:15am
  • $16 per hour – launching after 9:15am
  • All Day “Board on the beach” rates!*
  • Qualifies for Personal Board Storage* Fingerprint Access**
  • Qualifies for Monthly Rentals Fingerprint Access***
  • Qualifies for The Ultimate Dolphin Adventure****

*All Day – Board On The Beach Rate : Paddle once at $10 Early Bird rate and come back anytime that day and continue prorated! As an example: If you returned to paddle for 30 more minutes, you only pay an additional $5. Go as often as you like. It is like having a “Board On The Beach” that you are only paying for when you want to use it! Also applicable at the $16 rate.

**See “Personal Board Storage”

***Call for details

****See "The Ultimate Dolphin Adventure"-Paddling Proficiency Requirement Applies


How Do I Register? In 3 easy steps!


1.) Paddle once with us at the $25 rate

If you know how to paddle, just show us. If you do not know how, let us teach you, and if you have limited experience, let us give you a quick tune up. In any case we will make it fun, quick and do a quality job. After we see that you can safely control your board, we issue a "sign-off" card so paddlers can register into the "Speed Pass System" on a return visit.

2.) Complete the online registration form

Registration includes an online “Safety Review” review & permanent Waiver of Liability. The registration form is not needed the first time you paddle with us.  Bring a printed copy or screen-shot of the completed form on a return visit with - your sign-off card.

3.) Return with a printed or electronic copy of the “sign-off” card

Enrollment instructions are on the card.

Speed Pass Registration Form

*Please note: On your return visit if you have not been previously signed off, and/or you do not have a completed Registration Form, the rate remains at $25. Paddlers are charged this rate until they are registered or actively registering as a Speed Pass Member.

There is a one-time $10 application fee. The membership is permanent - no additional renewal charges! The $10 per hour Early Bird Special is not applicable on the day of application.

Speed Pass - Level Two

Level Two Members paddle at $12 per hour, and are afforded the $10 early bird special Advanced Training & Level Two.

All participants must know how to swim and be in good physical condition. California Aquatics does not discriminate on the basis of disability.