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Advanced Training
Speed Pass Membership - Level Two

Advance Your Skills

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Prepare for The Ultimate Dolphin Adventure!

To participate as a paddler with the dolphins, paddler must have completed and passed Level Two – or demonstrate in advance of a trip that they are very experienced and deemed at least equivalent in skill. There is a need to be fit, fast and water-safe.

Level Two Class

$85 Includes Equipment & 5 Hours Instruction

Class will include more paddling and introductions to the following:

• Advanced Paddling & Turning Techniques

• Handling Boat Wakes, Wind and Chop

• Falls & Retrieval

•Problem Recognition & Prevention

•Intro to Boat Safety

Prerequisite for enrollment into the Level Two training: Paddler must have 1) a recommended 30 hours of paddling experience 2) be able to paddle around Naples Island outside circumference under 45 minutes 3) must be an excellent swimmer, and 4) must be in good physical condition with absolutely no health problems.


Become A SUP Instructor!

We sponsor an instructor certification course annually. The course is restricted to 10 candidates. We recommend paddlers to have at least 100 hours of experience and audition with us in advance. Cost is $450.00 – Discounts may apply to STANDUPRENTALS employees & approved candidates. Minimum standards of instruction are in accordance with the ACA American Canoe Association and California Aquatics..

All participants must know how to swim and be in good physical condition. California Aquatics does not discriminate on the basis of disability.